Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Sonos speakers now work with IFTTT so you can automate your music

Sonos is opening up its speaker platform to more and more third parties, and IFTTT is one of the first to make use of the company’s new software APIs. IFTTT will allow Sonos owners to stop music playing when they leave home, pause audio when a phone call is answered, and integrate with other smart home devices to automate things even further.
Sonos on IFTTT is a beta for now, but the integration includes features like starting a favorite radio station when a smart home door unlocks, or play a specific song when a Domino’s pizza is out for delivery. There’s plenty of crazy recipes on IFTTT that can now include the automation of music playback with Sonos. The speaker maker is allowing IFTTT to control basic playback, volume, and the ability to play a pre-defined song, album, or playlist.
Sonos is promising more functionality over time as the beta progresses, and Sonos is only currently available as an action for IFTTT and not a trigger to start other activities. You can find the Sonos IFTTT integration here, along with a number of default recipes.

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