Tuesday, 20 November 2018

YouTube now runs pop-ups on videos that warn users of EU copyright proposal

If you watch YouTube videos without a YouTube Premium subscription, you’re familiar with the tiny pop-ups that appear in the bottom left-hand corner of the stream that prompt users to sign up for YouTube’s ad-free service.
It seems that YouTube has replaced that pop-up with a new message that warns users about the European Union’s proposed copyright directive. It also offers an explainer on one particular act known as Article 13. The pop-up brings YouTube viewers to the company’s standalone website detailing the possible effect of Article 13, which puts the onus on YouTube to prevent copyrighted material from appearing on the platform. YouTube executives like CEO Susan Wojcicki and head of business Robert Kyncl have penned exhaustive blog posts and guest columns in publications that warn that the company cannot financially take on the burden, and extreme measures will have to be taken like preventing users from uploading videos at all.
YouTube’s communications team has spent weeks aggressively tweeting from its main channel and its subsequent YouTube Creators account in an attempt to raise awareness about the copyright directive. A Q&A last week with creators and users on Twitter led the company to admit that if the copyright directive passes, some European channels will be blocked from playing in the United States. Certain users could also be prevented from uploading videos at all.

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