Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Amazon starts selling Echo Wall Clock again after issuing connectivity fix

After a few weeks back in the product lab, Amazon’s Echo Wall Clock is again ready to ship after the company released a software update to address connectivity issues plaguing the initial version of the product that began selling last month.
The device, costing $29.99, connects to a compatible Echo product and mirrors the series of timers you set through Alexa with 60 LED lights around the edge. That way, you don’t have to continually ask the voice assistant for updates while cooking. It’s a simple and useful integration and, for that price, a pretty decent-looking wall clock to boot.
But it seems like there was some sort of issue with the Bluetooth link between the device and its Echo counterparts, requiring Amazon pull it from the store in late January while it figured out a fix. Now, if you order the Echo Wall Clock, you can get it as early as tomorrow with one-day paid shipping or in two days with Prime.

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